Seiun PRO、PRO Xについての100%の返金を受け付けるという旨のメールが出資者全員に届きました。私も本日このメールを受け取って初めて内容を知ったのですが、こちらは重要な知らせだと思うため原文のまま転載致します。

1、Seiun PRO、PRO Xの100%返金かSUPERSET AUDIO SYSTEMという別の製品を受け取るかを選択する。


Dear All,

Cyberdrive team apologize for the long waits on our campaigns and again we thank you for patiently waiting and believing in us.     Despite of facing more than a few bumps and challenges alone the way, we’ve never given up providing the right products and solutions as promised from the very beginning.  We have to apologies to all of our backers that we cannot fulfill this campaign in the end. We sincerely thanks each of our backer’s for your supports over the past.

Earlier this year we’ve fulfilled and shipped out all orders for the PHA campaign to our backers, then we expected the Pro X campaign would be fulfilled shortly after.  Unfortunately after more than a few tries on obtaining the Google GMS Licensing for the Pro X over the past 12 months, the complications in design forbids the Pro X from getting the GMS license certified.  The feedback we’ve received is rather frustrating in which we were denied in the certification process due to that the Multi-OS design (Android TV & Android Mobile) of the Pro X is unseen, unprecedented in the current market, and most importantly it may cause further issues when working with the Google apps and services.

As much as we want to give it another shot for the Pro X campaign, we understand most of our backers have also run out of patience.  We are offering one of the two options from below for our backers on the Pro X campaign:


This package includes all the latest Cyberdrive Hi-Res audio-wear including item that will soon to be launched.  ALL THREE of them that you will receive as below.

  1. Hi-Res Electrostatz Hybrid Dual-Drivers Over-Ear Headphones.
  2. Hi-Res Dual-Drivers In-Ear Headphones.
  3. Hi-Res 192K audio Enhanced Wireless Bluetooth portable dongle. (Has yet to be launched into the market)
  4. For backers choosing this SUPERSET as their option in forfeiting the Pro X campaign, we will also offer a life-time CYBERDRIVE VIP membership in which you will receive special discount offers and promotion code from our Hi-Res products on Amazon sales.  

Option 2 – Refund on your Pro X: 

And of course some of you may choose to get refund on the Pro X campaign.  

We will offer a 100% full refund as one of the options for our Pro X backers through PayPal account. 

For the backers who have requested and have already received his/her refund before this updates, we will send you a pair of Hi-Res Dynamic Earphones since the refund made before today was only 90% instead of a full refund.


To make sure that we don’t miss out any request from our backers, we’ve created a registration table to collect and synchronize the preferred option from our backers. Please check the below link and fill out your preferred choice.


Please note that this exchange or refund process is only valid after you’ve successfully registered and filled out the form.  The exchange or refund process is not valid through emails or any other methods.

ETA delivery date for Option 1:  July 16, 2018

ETA refund process for Option 2 will begin:  July 16, 2018

Lastly, on behalf of Cyberdrive, we’d like to thank all our backers for simply being there, and for your great patience and understanding alone the way.  There have been quite a few challenges but it never stop us from making great Hi-Res audio products for a better music listening experience. 

Thank you again for your supports.